To keep track of student attendance, most Universities uses paper register to register students for class. To administer it in class, a lecturer brings a printed copy of the register to class and the student signs for class by putting his signature against his name. This method is very old and time consuming. This can be improved by designing computer software that would register student for class automatically.

An automatic attendance register would benefit the university as it would save time of lecturer. After administering the register in class, the lecturer has to cope with the workload of updating his records (i.e. register information) for each week and also analysing reports for student attendance.

By keeping track of this class register, a lecturer can correlate or link it to student performance.

Also it can help the university in cases where a student fails a module and blames the University for failing him by providing insufficient material in class.

The university in this case would be backed by the register, which can be referred to, to see if indeed the student attended class and failed the module.